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Just woke with a start. I nap every afternoon. For those of you who’ve followed this blog, you know that I have to. It’s part of what keeps me human during a process of detoxing off of benzodiazepines – pharmaceutical hush pills that I never wanted, never imagined could nearly take my life.

My detox began May 1st. I’m over halfway through. However, the brain does not comply with regeneration set on my terms. Once the last milligram has been taken, it may be months still that I’m wobbly, that I have digestive and muscle cramps, that I cry when I see wildfires scorching this land that I love because that wildfire is inside me as well.

So, I woke with the phrase, “100 miles of poetry. ” And for me, each day represents a mile. By mile 100, I hope to have my brain back. 100 miles. 100 poems. And the challenge to the universe that I offer these poems as a gift to help heal my brain and to spread the word. These pills are dispensed as if they were antihistamines. They’re the new, great anesthetizers. They’re Kurt Vonnegut‘s Soma. And I want to raise the rally cry that gives people awareness. We’re a pill culture and we’ve become normalized to this. There is another way. There are other ways. There’s so much misinformation about benzos, antidepressants, antipsychotics, – all the drugs that have nearly tripled in use over the last decade, that it’s dizzying.

So, what do you say? 100 miles of poetry? And should this simply be anotherblog? With

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links to this blog, where I can provide the hash of research that I’ve amassed- all part of a book that I plan on shooting into the spheres when this is all done?

What, dear readers, do you think?  It will be my ultramarathon of words, each word a

stone leading me on the path back to vitality, to a place not numbed by the pharmaceuticals that were given to me without a word of warning. Like so many others. Perhaps even, like you.