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On new year’s day, I sat with a friend and created a vision board. Some of you may have done this before. Maybe you’ve thought about it, maybe not. But, being that this is a new year, I want to talk about the potency of vision.eyes

And let me be frank – my vision board was a direct steal from the life coach and all around brilliant woman, Martha Beck. It was a steal from many spiritual traditions, so I’m going to run it by you. It’s a practice that can change the way we see and in so doing, change the direction in which we’re heading. For me, this is a good thing.

Here’s the potency of vision practice in cliff notes.

1. Envision a goal that you have for yourself. It can be big or seemingly small. It can be to spend more time in meditation, to have deeper connection with others, to eat more veggies. Regardless of the content, really see it. Then, write it down. Flesh it out. Are you buying carrots and artichokes, steaming and olive oiling them? Who’s there? How do you feel? Are you bringing yourself to presence when you’re with others, maybe your mother, your father, your lover? See it. Write it. Write the fullness of it.

2. Look at what you’ve pictured and come up with 3-4 adjectives that describe how you feel about said vision. The happy veggie vision could be “healthy,” “clean,” or “light.” The presence could be “centered,” “peaceful,” or “compassionate.”

3. Get together with a friend or by yourself. Get a stack of magazines, a poster board and a big glue stick. With your vision in mind, begin pulling pictures out of your stack of magazines. The trick here is not to think too much. Feel the one’s that draw you. Feel, in particular, the one’s that draw you but which may not fully make sense. Do this until you feel done and then create a collage out of the pictures you’ve assembled. Again, be intuitive. Let thinking have a rest. Let it sit down with a cookie in it’s mouth. Don’t let thinking guide you too much. We’re reaching for a dreamspace, here, a kind of meditation. Play. Glue. That’s all there is too it.

When I did this, I was with one of my best friends. She had a huge table set up and about 4 stacks of magazines. We ordered a gluten free pizza just because and drank sparkly wine. I tore. She cut. We’re that way. I pulled out a picture of a vast, beautiful loft that was big enough to roller skate in. I pulled out roses and a picture of a bird feeding her babies. I pulled out owls (my son) and daffodils (my daughter). I pulled out books.

Then, I tore out words: Raw power, magic, Harpers, and expect the unexpected (this one made me nervous, so I kept it.)

We glued and tore/cut and talked. I saw how much I want to provide for my children by doing what I love more than anything – writing. I saw the home I want for them. I saw sand with three (maybe more) pairs of footprints. beach

My vision board is the first thing that I see when I wake up. Every day I see these things and my heart feels the buoy of the images. I am pointing my boat in the direction that I want to go.

And my words? I’m going to tell you but I’m hoping you’ll share as well. The more we speak things out loud to one another, the stronger their presence will be within us. Potency.

For 2015, my vision can be captured in these wordstories: magic





May your new year be full of the vision that you create. Point yourself. Let’s all stand together and look. And even better, let’s see how things unfold over the year. I’m apparently going to expect the unexpected. I’ll keep you posted.

And please, keep me posted. I’d love to look with you.